Lyssa Samuel

A weight loss commercial spoof that I wrote, directed, filmed, acted in, and edited all by myself!  And you can probably tell!  Big thanks to Leena Culhane for composing and playing jingle accompaniment and Tom Zhao for making the animation.

No dinner party is complete without an elegant finish to the meal. Treat your guests to a soirée in Paris from the comfort of their own home.

Hopefully there'll be more to come in this series soon--and fun fact, I did indeed burn my thumb!  You can see it get really red!

A monologue I wrote about a seemingly naive girl who is a little too interested in drugs.  A big thank you to Scott Hayes for setting up the shot and for volunteering the back of his head.

I had an awesome time baking cakes and murdering in this beautifully crafted music video for Minden's Real Sugar.  Inspired by the work of Robert Bresson, I got a chance to venture into the world of hand acting and I really like it there.  My hands are the ones that start out hesitant, but then end up taking charge.

Directed and Produced by: Garret Curtis & Michael Raines Produced by: Sasha Mutchnik Starring: Lyssa Samuel Azure Parsons Lynne Bolen Performed by Minden