Lyssa Samuel


Liz and Lisa are two mom vloggers making school lunches too healthy and too fun! Sketchtember Challenge Day #1

This is the one unboxing video that changed the world. Sketchtember Challenge Day #2

Sketchtember is a personal challenge where I make and post a sketch every day for the month of September. Here is the story of Sketchtember's mysterious origin and proof of the high stakes! Sketchtember Challenge Day #3

Life changing loss program that you have never seen before! Sketchtember Challenge Day #4

In this episode, Liz and Lisa take feedback from viewers and revamp their recipe for a completely safe and healthy PB&J.....and while doing so, stumble upon an ingenious, life changing idea. Check out Episode 1 of Liz and Lisa Make Lunches to see how it all started! Sketchtember Challenge Day #5

This piece is inspired by the idea that we can care deeply about someone and be so close and yet have fundamental differences that drive us apart.  Sketchtember Challenge Day #6

The soap and beauty company, Love, reveals what real women really think about beauty in this provocative commercial. Sketchtember Challenge Day #7

Let Jess and Ryan lead you through a challenging and rewarding emotional workout that will have you fixed inside and out. Sketchtember Challenge Day #8

In this video Ashley thinks really hard about philosophy, life, and beauty. Hear her tips on how thinking makes you prettier! Sketchtember Challenge Day #9

Liz and Lisa are two mom vloggers making school lunches too healthy and too fun! In this episode, Liz and Lisa show off some new Sandwish™ in a jar flavors and announce the winner for the make your Sandwish™ Dream Come True Contest! Check out Episodes 1 and 2 to see how they got here! Sketchtember Challenge Day #10

August 20, 2017, one day before the solar eclipse, I called about fifteen 711s to ask if they had any eclipse glasses left. I got a variety of nos from every single store--sometimes before I even asked the question. These glasses were so valuable for a short period of time. Sketchtember Challenge Day #11

Having trouble falling asleep? Let this study buddy help you catch up on relaxation 101. Sketchtember Challenge Day #12

For Day #13 of Sketchtember, I'm travling back in time to show my first sketch ever! Sketchtember Challenge Day #13


Bring elegance into your own kitchen with this deliciously simple dish! Written and produced by Lyssa Samuel.

No dinner party is complete without an elegant finish to the meal. Treat your guests to a soirée in Paris from the comfort of their own home. Sketchtember Challenge Day #1

Not so long ago we learned about the mysterious origins of Sketchtember []. With only two weeks of Sketchtember left, the shadowy figure tries to get the blueprints to Lyssa once again--will they succeed? Sketchtember Challenge Day #1

These are my reactions to the poignant beginning of Pixar's "Up" while showing Gangnam Style. It's my attempt to bring a little Bertolt Brecht to Sketchtember!  Sketchtember Challenge Day #16

Looking through a series of self-taped auditions, we catch a personal glimpse of a young actor's career and life. Starring Ben Samuel, known for his role on Hulu's series Battleground.   Written and Directed by Lyssa Samuel. Sketchtember Challenge Day #17

This is one from the vault! A little monologue I wrote a few years back about scary drugs. Thank you so much to Scott Hayes for filming this and for featuring the back of his head. Sketchtember Challenge Day #18

Another ultra relaxing ASMR video to help you unwind and feel safe and cozy at home.  Sketchtember Challenge Day #19

This video is inspired by how Homer begins The Odyssey, with an Invocation of the Muses. We're twenty days into Sketchtember and I'm needing all the help I can get battling distractions, Muses, please help me out if you can! Sketchtember Challenge Day #20

Want a little taste of five sketches in one sketch? Check out this short video to whet your appetite for more Sketchtember! Sketchtember Challenge Day #21

Relax before the start of your day with some family time.  Sketchtember Challenge Day #22

My audition with the one and only Chica from Sprout's Sunny Side Up Show held at Universal City Walk. Sketchtember Challenge Day #23

Lonely Hearts and hopeful lovers, unite and unwind to this soothing, romantic Love Connection-esque show. Thank you so much to Silent Partner for use of their song "Lake Eerie" Sketchtember Challenge Day #24

You probably have the ingredients you need to make Bouillabaisse in your kitchen right now! Don't let elegance intimidate you and enjoy delicious simplicity with this video.  Sketchtember Challenge Day #25

Here's a quick video of some behind the scene bloopers that weren't able to make the cut, but were special enough to have their own video.  Sketchtember Challenge Day #26

Youtuber Mallory has better luck ending her videos than starting them. Sketchtember Challenge Day #27

Lyssa asked herself this question in the "Introduction to Sketchtember" video and now it's time to try and answer it.  Sketchtember Challenge Day #28

After a long day at work, drive home with a positive friend who will get you there safe and sound.  Sketchtember Challenge Day #29

It's been a wild ride and an awesome month full of sketches, but all good things must come to an end....or must they? Sketchtember Challenge Day #30